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Although Quicksilver Air personnel have experience in capturing an array of different game species, wolf capture is Quicksilver Airʼs specialty. Pilot and Company Owner/Director of Operations Rick Swisher, has more than two decades of experience in working with wolves. Rick has worked on wolf predator control projects, relocation projects, sterilizations, population estimates through snow tracking and predator/prey relationships involving wolves/ungulates across North America. To date Rick has caught greater than 900 wolves via helicopter.

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 “Rick Swisher’s effectiveness was exceptional.  Capture times were lower than past times with other contractors (helicopter flight time and animal capture time).  He is extremely skilled at locating and tracking wolves.  In one instance Rick tracked an uncollared pack approximately 30-35 miles, which we then captured two members of that pack.  Rick has extensive experience with animal capture and is especially knowledgeable about wolf capture.  He did an outstanding job of conveying his experience”.
George Pauley, Idaho Department of Fish & Game, AMD