Centrally located with bases in
Alaska & Colorado to work
in the U.S, Canada & Mexico

- Wildlife Management -

-General Utility & Charters-

- Tourism -

Robinson Dealer
& Service Center


‘Utility helicopter operations’ describes the kind of on call service provided by Quicksilver Air.  Unlike EMS, helicopter touring, ag operations, patrolling or even military flying, our day to day services require Quicksilver pilots to cope with an infinite number of variables. 

Quicksilver’s services are required when access can’t be provided by truck, car, train, ATV or pack mule.  Hazards and obstacles will include steep uneven terrain, trees, rocks, swamps, deep snow, ice, buildings, wires, high gusty winds, turbulence and unfavorable weather.  These hazards are all in the nature of the work that we do, which is why Quicksilver pilots are all experienced, well trained, conscientious and above all they put safety first.