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“Unlike a previous contractor, Rick was willing to work until we reached our goals. The quality of their work is impeccable...I have worked with a number of different wildlife capture contractors and without question I rank Rick Swisher and Quicksilver Air at the top of the list”.
Mark Lenarz, PhD, Group Leader, Minnesota Forest Wildlife Populations & Research Group, (218)327-4132

“I appreciate and enjoy flying with Scott Gibbens...his great flying skills as well as his sincere interest in wildlife research are real assets to Quicksilver Air”.
Carol McIntyre, Wildlife Biologist, National Parks Service.       

“The quality and efficiency of their operation is outstanding”.
Darby Finley, Wildlife Biologist, Colorado Division of Wildlife, (970)878-6064

“I just wanted to pass on my rave reviews of Mike Terwilliger and my sincere thanks for sending him our way...I was very pleased with Mike’s flying, his attitude and his personality.  His flying was very safe, efficient and he easily adapted to our needs”.
Rob MacDonald, Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“I consider Mr. Swisher easily one of the best wolf trackers in Alaska...he is in strong demand among all State and Federal agencies”.
Rod Boertje, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, (907)459-7237

“One of the most skilled, knowledgeable and appropriately safe pilots I have worked with in Alaska” (Pilot Chris Mauer).
Kirby Bean, Alaska AMD.

“We were very happy with Rick’s conscientious attitude toward animal capture and handling...we were impressed”.
Kate Schoenecker, Research Ecologist, Colorado USGS

“Our success was due in large part to your helicopter and the ability of Scott Gibbens as the pilot”.
Gary Young,  Senior Resident Agent, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, (907)456-0255

“Safety is always at the foremost of Rick’s mind and his aircraft are always well-maintained...Rick’s skills go far beyond just piloting aircraft...Rick knows every aspect of processing or working up each animal”.
John Burch, Alaska National Park Service, (907)455-0623

“...animal care, ethics and health was at the foremost of the handling”.
Joel Berger, PhD, Senior Scientist, Wyoming, Wildlife Conservation Society

“Rick was extremely accommodating with respect to capturing from desired locations...he genuinely has the best interest of the animals in mind”.
Andy Holland, Terrestrial Biologist, Colorado Division of Wildlife

“Rick has truly found his calling as a wildlife capture pilot...he is a highly-skilled helicopter and fixed wing pilot who strives for efficiency and safety in every operation.  I have worked with many helicopter and airplane pilots and Rick is definitely at the top of the list for me”.
Layne Adams, Wildlife Research Biologist, Alaska Science Center, (907)786-3918

“...I found them to be very organized, thorough, efficient and safe”.
Glenn DelGiudice, PhD, Deer Project Leader/Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, (218)327-4131

“In every case Rick displays both impressive piloting skills and an exceptional ability to work with animals to direct their movements and enable safe, efficient captures”.
Stephen Arthur, PhD, Research Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, (907)459-7336

“I can unequivocally recommend Mr. Swisher for all phases of fixed-wing and helicopter borne wildlife research and management efforts...Rick’s knowledge of wildlife and understanding of relevant project goals, especially for wolves and large ungulates, greatly enhance the skills he brings to a project”.
Bruce Dale, Wildlife Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, (907)746-6335

“Rick’s combination of flying skills and experience, attention to safety, keen eyesight, knowledge and interest in animal behavior, biology and conservation and his ability to quickly adapt to new situations makes him the most sought after capture pilot in Alaska”.
Patrick Valkenburg, Research Coordinator (retired), Alaska Department of Fish & Game, (907)479-5588